Girl, 16, finds wallet with more than €7,000 - and returns it

26.11.2023, 14:37

A 16-year-old girl from Cuxhaven, a town bordering the North Sea, found a wallet containing more than €7,000 ($7,665) - and handed the money in to the police.

The girl phoned the police station on Saturday evening and explained that she had found a wallet full to the brim near a building site in the Lüdingworth district.

The police were able to identify the wallet's rightful owner. He then travelled on Saturday evening from Hildesheim, south of Hanover, to Cuxhaven - some 240 kilometres - to collect it.

The wallet actually contained €7,371.04.

The 16-year-old received an "appropriate finder's fee," the police said in a statement on Sunday morning. They did not release the exact sum of the finder's reward.

It was also unclear why someone would have more than €7,000 in cash in a wallet.