Germany tops Norway's export countries as gas deliveries increase

17.01.2023, 15:58

Norway now exports significantly more to Germany than to any other country, with natural gas being the main export product, the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce announced on Tuesday, citing the Norwegian foreign trade balance.

Germany imported goods worth around 726 billion kroner ($63 billion) from the Scandinavian country last year. This corresponds to more than a doubling compared to the previous year.

"Germany is now Norway's number one export country by far," the Chamber of Commerce wrote. Gas deliveries alone accounted for 621 billion kroner.

In total, Norway's exports totalled around 2.6 trillion kroner in 2022, up 87.2% compared to 2021, the figures showed.

According to the balance, the main reason for the enormous increase was the export of natural gas. Germany was followed in export value by Britain, France and Belgium.